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Parents often don't know the benefit of having an athletic trainer for their athletes.  Athletic trainers can be a valuable resource for parents when it comes to sports related injuries.  Athletic trainers can help explain the nature of an injury in easy to understand terms, they can reduce unnecessary visits to the doctor, and reduce healthcare costs and time loss from school or work.

Athletic Training By the Numbers:

  • Only 34% of school have a full time athletic trainer on staff

  • It's estimated that 20 million school days are lost as a result of sports related injuries

  • 32% of parents take time off work to bring athletes to doctors appointments.  Having an in house athletic trainer would reduce time off work and loss of school days

  • The average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,233. Athletic trainers reduce the number of unnecessary ER visits, saving parents money on healthcare costs

  • $14.7 million is the estimated savings one state would have if every high school employed a full time athletic trainer

  • Concussion rates are 4x higher in schools that do not have an athletic trainer on staff

  • Communities without an athletic trainer pay 4x more money on claim costs related to sports injuries 

How to get an Athletic Trainer at Your School or Club Team:

  • Parents can gain support from advocates such as other parents, the coaching staff, local physician's groups, and local EMS.

  • Talk with your schools athletic director and principal, or club organizers about the need for proper medical care for the athletes

  • Attend school committee meetings and ask about support for hiring a full time athletic trainer

  • Create a petition for advocating for sports safety to garner the attention of local leaders

  • Look into fundraising options to support hiring an athletic trainer.  Examples can include a % of concession revenue; booster club support; partnering with local non-profits, for profits and local physicians groups to fundraise for a "community health initiative"; or local grants that may support sport safety.

Benefits to Having an Athletic Trainer:

  • Designing emergency action plans in preparation for emergency situations

  • Onsite injury assessment and rehabilitative care

  • Direct referrals to local physicians and healthcare providers for immediate care

  • Concussion management for return to learn and return to play

  • Management of underlying conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or cardiac conditions

  • Functional testing for a safe return to play following an injury

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Additional Resources for Parents:

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