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Governmental Affairs


Shawn Petrucci, MS, LAT, ATC 

Salvatore Palermo, MS, LAT, ATC, CES

Committee Members

Joe Maynard, LAT, ATC

Bernard Walls, ATC


RIATA GAC Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Governmental Affairs committee is to monitor legislative activity in the state of Rhode Island and assist in creating policies, procedures, and bills that support the Athletic Trainers within Rhode Island while keeping the RIATA board and members informed of changes at the governmental level. 


Committee Goals

  • Monitor governmental activity that impacts athletic training in Rhode Island.

  • Monitor legislation and regulatory changes that impact athletic training.

  • Create and present legislative, regulatory, and legal issues to the executive board.

  • Develop and implement state regulatory and legislative strategies. 

  • Expand  and maintain relationships with legislative and state administration staff

  • Support and encourage RIATA members to testify before boards, commissions, and committees regarding athletic training issues

  • Recommend communications regarding state and federal government actions for distribution to RIATA members

  • Prioritize public policy issues according to importance, ability to succeed, and financial impact on the athletic training profession


Current Activities and Strategies

  • Introduce a new senate bill for epinephrine auto injectors requiring schools to have an emergency use epinephrine cartridge injector placed with AED on campus/school grounds.

  • Introduce a new senate bill for Return to Learn pertaining to all levels and ages of academics following a concussion diagnosis. 

  • Assist Third Party Reimbursement Chair with legislative issues pertaining to topic and advancements of TPR within Rhode Island

  • Continue full Lobbying efforts to remain relevant and recognized with Rhode Island General Assembly

  • Continue to publicize Athletic Trainers’ expertise in concussion management


Upcoming Legislative Bills:

  • Bill S0188-Relating To Education -- School And Youth Programs Concussion Act  Click Here to read the bill

    • Update: Bill S0188 has passed the Senate, it is now on to the House to vote.

  • Bill H5837- Relating To Business And Professions -- Athletic Trainers; Epi Pens  Click Here to read the bill

Rhode Island House of Representatives

Rhode Island Senate





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